Heavy Storm Causes Sideway Landing of a Plane at London’s Heathrow Airport - TNBC UK

A plane while landing at London’s Heathrow Airport hit by powerful headwinds that caused an extraordinary landing of the aircraft. Video footage of the incident has been widely circulated on social media. The video clearly shows the pilot’s operation as the Etihad Airbus A380 aircraft hovered sideways over the runway before successfully landing at the airport.

The incident took place on Saturday, reported a British media. On Sunday due to the fear of Storm Dennis, hundreds of flights in and out of the UK were grounded and EasyJet dismissed more than 230 flights. Over the weekend, the strong winds and heavy rains have paralyzed the conditions of the UK. Several other parts of the country have received massive rainfall in just two days which is equal to a total month’s rain.

John Curtin, the EA’s Flood and Coastal Risk Management Executive Director, said on Sunday that the 594 warnings and alerts in place were a record. A total of 156.2mm of rain had fallen over this period at Crai Reservoir in Powys, Wales, well above Wales’ average monthly rainfall of 111.1mm in February, said the Met office.

Georgie Timmins, crisis response officer at the British Red Cross, said: “The storms are expected to continue, and water is anticipated to be at peak levels on Monday and Tuesday. It is important that people are ready should the worst happen.”

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