On Wednesday, Gatwick Airport in London has resumed flight services after closing its runway for around 2-hours due to “an air traffic control systems issue,” it said.

Britain’s second-biggest air hub restarted landings and take off at 7:00 PM local time (1800 GMT) but asked passengers to check flight information with their airlines. 

It further tweets, “Following an earlier air traffic control systems issue, flights to and from Gatwick have now resumed.”

“If you are traveling this evening please check the status of your flight with your airline before traveling to the airport, as we return to full operations,” it added.

Interference is likely for several hours as the airport tried hard to resume its regular schedule and ease the backlog in delays in departures as well as landings.   

Gatwick Airport has suspended all flights after 5:00 PM, claims it was working with air traffic control provider “to rectify this issue as quickly as possible”.

Air Navigation Solutions (ANS), which a private company has been controlling plane movements at the airport since 2016.

Gatwick Airport is situated 48 kilometers south of London, made headlines in December 2018 after repeatedly closing its runway to reports of mystery drone sightings, impacted over 140000 passengers. 

Gatwick Airport is considered to be the 8th busiest airport in Europe, has served a number of low-cost flights and it is EasyJet’s biggest hub as well.

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