UK Police claims that a suspect package found on Wednesday in Glasgow is likely connected to three small explosive devices, which were found in London the preceding day.

MeT’s counter-Terrorism Command Commander Clarke Jarrett said in a statement that “due to similarities in the package, its markings and the type of device that was recovered in Glasgow, we are treating it as being linked to the three packages we’re investigating in London.

He continued, “We are working very closely with our colleagues from Police Scotland and both investigations are being run in tandem,” adding that “we continue to pursue a number of lines of enquiry and one such line is the possibility that the packages have come from Ireland.”

Commander Jarrett said, “However, we are still keeping an open mind with regards who may be responsible and any possible motivation.”

Earlier Scotland Police has carried out a controlled explosion over the suspect package received at the University of Glasgow and informed that there was no ongoing risk to the public. It continued, “The package was not opened and no one was injured.”

“The emergency services were alerted and several buildings within the estate were evacuated as a precaution.”

On Tuesday, three ‘small improvised explosive devices’ believed to be capable of starting small fires were discovered from separate locations in London.

Later, Irish Cops said that they were “assisting the Metropolitan Police with their enquiries”, as sources claim that the packages had Irish Stamps on them.

The suspicious packages were found on Tuesday at an office block, located next to Heathrow Airport, the post room at Waterloo Station and at offices in the east of the capital, near London City Airport.

The suspected items were sent to the Compass Centre, located close to North Runway of Heathrow, was opened by staff has resulted in “part of the package burning” but no casualties were reported.

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