Amin Abdullah: Nurse who set himself on fire 'unfairly dismissed' - TNBC UK

Amin Abdullah, 41, who died after dousing himself in petrol outside Kensington Palace in February 2016, had lost his job at Charing Cross Hospital. An NHS nurse who set himself on fire after being dismissed from his job was “treated unfairly”, a report has found.

An independent investigation found the trust’s disciplinary procedures against Mr. Abdullah were “weak and unfair”.

Evidence submitted to the hearing panel did not paint “an honest and complete picture”, the report said.Mr. Abdullah was accused of being dishonest by his investigating officer despite little or no evidence, the report found. The investigating officer failed to disclose evidence that was critical of her but tended to show Mr. Abdullah being in the right, it added. Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust chief executive, Professor Tim Orchard, said: “It is now clear that we let Amin down and, for that, I am truly sorry”. The probe conducted by independent investigation consultancy Verita found the hearing panel did not have “all the information they needed available to them”.Mr. Abdullah was suspended after signing a petition in support of a colleague after a patient complaint and writing a letter for the colleague in which he branded the patient a “professional complainer against NHS staff”.

The Malaysian-born nurse was charged with writing an “untrue letter” and not using the correct complaints procedure. He was discharged on 21 December 2015.

The independent report said Mr. Abdullah “should have known that signing the petition was not appropriate” but it noted none of the other 18 signatories was disciplined.

Writing the letter was also “a mistake”, “This may have been naive but we found no evidence that it was malicious”, according to the report.

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