London man stabbed at Hackney Central on an overground train

Just before an overground train pulled into an east London Station, a man was stabbed on the train in London.

The victim was attacked shortly before 18:00 BST, as the train travelled towards Hackney Central station.

The news was detailed to the source by Hazel Orton, who was present there on the same train eyewitnesses the murder and reports of finding a man on the floor “breathing heavily and… holding his chest where there was a dark patch.”

BTP (British Transport Police) said that the victim wounds were not thought to be life-threatening. One suspect of the case has been arrested.

Ms. Orton reports that “a wave of people came running past me, there was shouting and commotion and then an emergency alarm went off.”

She continued, “I looked to my right and there was a guy on the floor.”

Commuter Nick Renaud-Komiya said, “I saw a guy with a knife in his hand walking towards me, he was shouting a lot but I couldn’t get any of what he was saying.”

“The police arrived really quickly and they grabbed him and had him hold up against the police car,” added the statement.

The train route was evacuated at the station and then services resumed on the route at about 20:00.


by Chandrani Sarkar on October 3, 2018

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