The Labour party yesterday suspended its leader David Lewis for his peculiar behavior He claimed that he had a tendency of becoming a woman on every Wednesday. A Party spokesperson yesterday confirmed, that David Lewis, who was a candidate from Basingstoke as a Woman officer for the party, had been suspended from the party and the party high command decided to take penal action against him and ordered a thorough investigation on this issue. Lewis, however, was not at all repentant for his action. He nonchalantly said that he was a woman in a man’s body and everyone had a right to look according to his or her will. The party spokesperson said that the party was “committed to upholding the cause of women empowerment but the obvious abuse of the process would be stopped at any cost. The spokesperson added that anyone who would try to breach the Labour party rules with ill intention would face stern action. The party high command cleared that only woman members were eligible for the post. The majority of women are worried that allowing the men to say that they are women without any checks is very risky. They fear that some men will identify themselves so they can sneak into women’s changing rooms or loos just for voyeurism.

They are also afraid that it will affect women’s rights as well as their dignity and privacy, for example on women-only hospital wards or in shelters. This issue has become a matter of serious concern for the police authorities. A spokesperson of London police said that this sort of incidents would increase the crimes related to women.

The action of Lewis not only angered his party high command but also he had to face harsh remarks from LGBT and transgender activists. They criticized him for mocking the transgenders by posing as a bearded trans woman. They described Lewis’s action as a mere publicity stunt to come in headlines of a newspaper. They were also of the view that he was not at all accustomed to the austerity a transgender person had to face in his day to day life.

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