Termed it as the mother of cybercrimes but a hacker has almost broken into the entire population of Bulgaria, hacked personal data of over five million out of seven million residents.

Prime Minister Boyko Borisov though could not aid saying Kristian Boykov is a “wizard” hacker and the nation should hire similar people like him to work for the welfare of the state. 

Released after the charges were demoted, the 20-year-old cybersecurity worker has hacked details like social security addresses, information, incomes, and tax returns primarily from the records of the National Revenue Agency (NRA), reported npr.org on Sunday.

Last week, Boykov was detained in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. 

“Police raided his home and seized computers and mobile devices with encrypted information,” reads the report.

Some believe that he is a “white hat” hacker, who breaks into networking to expose vulnerabilities. 

“In 2017, he hacked the Bulgarian education ministry’s website to expose its vulnerabilities. In a television interview, he described the work as fulfilling my civic duty,” added the report. 

In the latest hacking, around every working man in Bulgaria was affected. 

Eventually charges with a cybercrime against important government infrastructure, later Boykov was handed over a lesser charge of crime against the information systems. 

If found guilty, Kristian Boykov could be punished with imprisonment for 3-years. 

As per the Bulgarian newspaper Dnevnik, Boykov had illegally accessed as well as downloaded information from the NRA System. 

Boykov’s social media page lists his employer as TAD Groups, which is basically a security firm and situated in Sofia. 

TAD Groups said in a statement that “Boykov has always been ethically, professionally been loyal to his work commitments, including our clients and the entire team.”

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