UK 2019 leadership contender Jeremy Hunt is to figure out his plans for a no-deal Brexit later, along with a   £6bn promise to the mending and tending industries and help for small businesses.

Mr. Hunt will claim farmers and fishermen “face uncertainty” with no deal, and as PM he would “help smooth it over”.

He will contrast to the bail-out for banks in the financial crisis. Meanwhile, decisions by his rival, Boris Johnson, to provide public sector workers a “fair” pay rise have been disclosed.

Foreign Secretary Mr. Hunt and Mr. Johnson are contending against each other for becoming the next Conservative leader.

Almost 160,000 members of the Conservative Party will begin polling next week and UK Prime Ministers successor is expected to be declared on 23rd July.

The UK is to leave the EU on 31st October and no-deal exit prevails the default position in UK law after declination of the deal of Theresa May by MPs, while she agreed with Brussels three times.

Both men have taken a vow to go back to Brussels and clinch a better deal with the EU – but both have also said they are prepared to leave without one if that can not be done.

If the UK does leave without a deal, it will spontaneously trade under the basic World Trade Organization rules.

Under these rules, tariffs  – taxes on abroad goods – will be different to what the UK present trades under, which means the expense to farmers to export products could change or they could be affected by rivalry from abroad.

British farming will be “damaged” if what happens.

Later in a speech in London, Mr. Hunt will say that a government led by him would cover the expenses of the tariffs that would be enforced on the exports of the farming and casting industries.

He will pledge of creating a temporary “ no deal relief program” – designed to be similar to US President Donald Trump’s pledge of £16bn for farmers affected by Chinese tariffs.

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