UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has directed a review into the dilemma of tyrannized Christians around the world and how much help they receive from the UK. The evaluation, instructed by the Bishop of Truro, will stare at government efforts for helping some of the 215 million Christians who confronted violence and favouritism in the last year, according to the Foreign Office.

Officials claim brutality against Christians is inclining dramatically, with a median of 250 killed in every month. Mr Hunt said the UK “must do more”. He said, “ Britain has long championed international religious freedom”. “So often, the persecution of Christians is a telling early warning sign of the persecution of every minority ”.

According to the claim of the Foreign Official, the “review would “consider some tough questions and offer ambitious policy recommendations ”.

The Rt Reverend Philip Mounstephen and The Bishop of Truro are assumed to evaluate back by Easter. The review will have three targets. For mapping the oppression of Christians in “key countries” in the Middle East, Africa and Asia for providing an analysis of recent UK government support.

For offering suggestions for a “ cohesive and comprehensive policy response”, the intervening proceeding come after yelling over the approach of Asia Bibi, a Christian woman who confronted death threatening after being redeemed of profanity in Pakistan.

Ms Bibi spent eight years on death procession until her imprisonment was reversed by the Supreme Court of Pakistan earlier in this year.

Large crowds gathered in the streets for protesting against the decision of the court, as her husband urged for asylum from the UK or Canada, claiming the family were in danger.

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