Jeremy Hunt Delivers Commending Speech on “tie of friendship” with France in Paris

State Secretary of Foreign and Commonwealth affairs said that even after Brexit, the tie between France and UK will remain for decades. In a commending speech in Paris, the foreign State Secretary claimed the cross-channel relationship as “one of competition, cooperation, similarity and difference”.

The diplomatic officials said that the visit was premeditated to exhibit that the bonding between two nations was “bigger than Brexit”. As well as there are cautions also which indicates that intelligence -sharing may be affected if a framework is not been established for reducing the risks.

The anglo-french task force has provided a report including the opinion of their members, former Secretary General of Nato, Lord Robertson and ex-French Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve. According to them, collaboration on counter-terrorism and cybersecurity could be jeopardized for leaving of UK in March without an erected agreement.

The overall Brexit process is going through a crucial phase according to the reports in which UK Prime Minister Theresa May may be on the lookout for the approval of her cabinet within recent days for signing up an agreement on the terms of the withdrawal of the UK.

Among the group of a leading minister, Mr Hunt is one who is reported to be dictating on the observation of legal advice based on the setup of any agreement on the border of Ireland and supposed relevant arrangements of the UK even existing in a customs union for avoiding the requirement for a visible Northern Ireland border.

David Davis, the former Brexit Secretary to9ld BBC Radio 4’s programme that the cabinet and parliament will have to make the biggest decision about this deal, so they should be received comprehensive legal advice.



by Haimantee Ghosh on November 8, 2018

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