Jeremy Corbyn has delayed motion of no confidence in Theresa May, after her saying MPs would not vote on her Brexit deal until the week of 14th January. The PM had detained the vote from the last week of 14th January. Labour leader Mr Corbyn said on Monday it was intolerable for MPs to wait a long time for voting including the PM had led the UK into a “national crisis”.But no 10 origins told the media that the government would not make time for the less confidence vote.

Ministers would not “go along with silly political games”, they added, Mr Corbyn sidelined the motion calling on MPs to announce they have “ no confidence in the prime minister due to her failure to allow the House of Commons to have a meaningful vote straightaway”, on the Brexit deal. The motion pointed on Mrs May personally, rather than the government.

The political editor of BBC, Laura Kuenssberg said motion could have been humiliating for Mrs May, but as things stood, ministers would not permit time for it to be discussed. She said No 10 had essentially “batted the ball back to Labour to see if they have the guts ” for calling for a vote of no confidence in the government as a whole.

Unlike a vote aiming the PM, a motion of no confidence in the government could bring about an early general election if it is backed by most of the MPs. The SNP, the Lib Dems, Plaid Cymru and the Greens have tried to push Labour to lead about that condition, by trying to modify the motion of Mr Corbyn.

But Mr Corbyn said his aim in arranging the motion was to give pressure on her to acquire a vote on her Brexit deal in this week. Brexit deal by Mrs May sets out the conditions of the exit of Britain’s from, the EU – on 29 March 2019 and includes an announcement on the figure of the prospective relations between EU and UK.

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