The mayor of London Sadiq Khan has called for the set free of imprisoned charity-worker Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe. Mr Khan met the husband of Zaghari-Ratcliffe and provided his support in pleading the authorities of Iran for releasing her in the time for Christmas.

The British-Iranian, who becomes 40 on the Boxing day, was imprisoned for five years in 2016 after being a verdict of springing, which she refuses.

Mr Khan stated her conviction as a “travesty of justice”. He said, “ Nazanin has been wrongly detained in an Iranian prison for over two years. She has done nothing wrong, has broken no laws. The charges against her are completely false. We – and indeed the whole country – know what a travesty of justice it is that Nazanin continues to be detained.”

“With Christmas approaching, we are calling on the Iranian authorities to release her at once so she can return home and be reunited with her family.” Ms Zaghari-Ratcliffe was imprisoned at Tehran airport in 2016 in April after meeting her family on holiday. She has always referred the visit was to initiate her daughter Gabriella to her relatives.

A mother from Hampstead of North London was currently reunited with her four-year-old daughter during a three-day short-term release.

But since relocating to prison, after her appeal for an extended release was refused, she has endured several panic attacks.

Theresa May met the Iranian President for speeches at the United Nations in New York in September where she told Hassan Rouhani she had “serious concerns” about Mrs Zaghari-Ratcliffe conviction.

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