UK one of the world best cyclist Briton Mike Hall almost instantly died when he was hit by a car during a race in Australia Last year revealed by the inquest. Th35-year-old Mr Hall was competing in the Indian Pacific Wheel Race when he was stuck on the Highway. According to the evidence, an inquest has heard that it was dark at the time and would have been for r motorist to see. Shegu Bobb Driver has revealed that he thought he had hit a Kangaroo. The Coroner’s Court in the Australian Capital Territory heard and said Mr. Hall from Harrogate, suffered major head, spinal and abdominal injuries.

While narrating the accident Inquest Ken Archer Counsel assisting explain the event and said as a “ Hunger Games on Wheels.” with some rider completing upto 400 km a day and sleeping only four hours a night. He added “Mr Hall had been wearing a dark clothing with little reflective material at the time of the collision”, an Inquest also shows documentary footage of Mr Hall racing at night in which he was visible. In the race, Mr. Hall had been in second place when he was hit by Mr Bobb’s at 06.22 local time on 31 March last year.

During the plea, Mr. Bobb driver was on his way at the time of the accident. Hence, Police also said to the court that he had been distracted by a parked truck as he turned on to the highway, and had no time to avoid the collision. The inquest heard, that no charges have been hold against driver Mr. Bobb. As it said that death of the cyclist’s shocked the sport and prompted memorial rides in Australia and the UK. The incident also shut down the race Indian Pacific Wheel.

Mr. Hall was a cyclist who called known as fire, he won the 2012 World Cycle race and had been living Monmouthshire, south Wales.

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