In the Latest Documentary, Meghan Markle’s Accent Sparks Buzz on Social Media - TNBC UK

The accent of the Duchess of Success Meghan Markle has become the topic of discussion in the town again.

According to the viewers, in the latest video clip from the documentary of Queen Elizabeth II, ‘ Queen of the World’, the American actress Meghan Markle is heard speaking in British accent slightly. While the clip appeared online first time, she was seen unified along with her Givenchy bridal costume.

Meghan reacted after looking at her dress, “ Oh my goodness, it’s amazing, is not it? The work that they did here is just so beautiful.”

She also added, “ Somewhere in here there is a piece of blue fabric, did you see? It was my something’s fabric from the dress that I wore on our first date.”

After viewing this clip, the Twitter followers thought that the American actress Meghan is losing her American accent due to living in London for some days.

A follower wrote, “ #Queen Of The World Meghan is losing her American accent.”

Another tweet shows, “Sorry Meghan Markle’s new accent”

A follower wrote, “ Megan’s developed a case of Madonna’s Accent Change #Queen Of The World ” comparing her accent with Madonna.

Another follower wrote, “ #Queen Of The World Meghan has had voice coaching, she seems much softer, the bit like how kate’s changed too.”

In England, at Cheshire, during a public appearance, Duchess of Sussex speaking in the soft tone which seemed to be a British accent slightly, according to the earlier clip on social media.

In the meantime, Markle performed her first solo royal appearance right after her marriage with Prince Harry on the occasion of the inauguration of Oceania Art Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts in London.

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