In North London People Urged For Vigilance, Being Concerned With Frequent Stabbings - TNBC UK

Uk police monitored the streets overnight and explored an area in North London where a series of random stabbings injured four people. As per the information from police, all the four stabbed victims were attacked from behind as they were paving alone. Two are in critical condition. Two men are being captivated on an intuition of severe violently harm but police have alerted the inspection is “live” and members of the public should “remain vigilant”. Officers are resuming to find the Edmonton area and were investigating the streets in cars and on foot throughout Sunday evening.

The attacker is assumed to be a single male, who is stated as black, about 6ft 3in, of skinny build and wear dark clothing, most probably with a veiled top. A man was imprisoned briefly before 11 am on Sunday in Edmonton and another man, in his 40s, was later convicted at a residential address in the same town. Both suspects remain in custody. Concerning the second arrest, the Met Police said in a statement: “ This remains a live investigation and police are pursuing all lines of inquiry”.“Members of the public are advised to remain vigilant and to report anything suspicious to police.”

Like the first victim, a 45-year-old woman who was stabbed at back in Aberdeen Road at around 7 pm on Saturday and remains in a scathing condition in hospital. A 23-year old man who was charged near Seven Sisters tube station briefly before 4 am on Sunday. In Park Avenue and Brettenham Road, two more victims were stabbed, but their wounds are not considered to be life-threatening.

Acting Detective Chief Inspector Stuart Smillie told police are doing everything they can to “apprehend the suspect behind these cowardly and senseless attacks.

He also added, “ We believe the culprit knows Edmonton and may well be from the area. The motive for the stabbing appears to be solely to inflict harm. The four victims are all from different backgrounds and appear to have been selected at random due to them being alone and vulnerable. There is nothing to suggest this incident is terror-related.

We are working on the hypothesis that the single male suspect is acting alone and mental health issues may be a factor. All of the people he has targeted have been walking alone and he has approached from behind without warning.”

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