Almost 300 people have been imprisoned in ongoing climate change protests in London which brought segments of the British capital to a stand according to police. Demonstrators started obstructed a bridge and major central road junctions at the starting of a civil rebellion campaign which also noticed action in other parts of Europe.

The accusations were arranged by the campaign group Extinction Rebellion, which was settled in the last year in Britain by academics and has become one of the fastest-developing environmental movements of the world.

Metropolitan Police of London informed 290 arrests had been made. The police statement claimed, “ we expect demonstrations to continue throughout the coming weeks.”

The arrest ratio includes three men along with two women who were delayed at the UK offices of energy giant Royal Dutch Shell on suspicion of criminal destruction. Campaigners coated graffiti and ruined a window at the Shell center building.

Protesters stand behind their banner impeding a road near the Parliament Square in Central London. The predominant arrested were clutched for breaking public order laws and impending a highway.

The protest experienced more than a thousand people hinder the Waterloo Bridge of London and drop trees in pots along its length. Later people set up bases in Hyde Park in preparation for further demonstrations throughout the week.

The police have directed the protesters to cage themselves to a specific region within the Marble Arch, a space at the junction of Hyde Park, Oxford Street main purchasing thoroughfare and the Park Lane street of plush hotels.

Police informed, “ we so far have 55 bus routes closed and 500,000 people affected as a result.” London Mayor Sadiq Khan informed he was “ extremely concerned” about protesters’ plans to interrupt the basement on Wednesday.

He explained in a statement, “ targeting public transport in this way would only damage the cause of all of us who want to tackle climate change”.

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