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Two main parties in Britain were penalized in the European elections, with the outcomes coming on Monday, representing that voters had declined their managing of Brexit and revolved to parties which were undoubtedly or pro-European Union. Single-issue Brexit Party of Nigel Farage was the clear winner of the elections, with the potential to influence the race over who becomes the next British Prime Minister.

The pro-EU Liberal Democrats and the Greens, who also have the simple message, with the potential for influencing the race over who becomes the next British Prime Minister.  Entire support for all parties which are slightly higher than pro-European, those are triggering for a hard Brexit. In other words, Britain is as divided as ever.

According to the analysts, `the influence of the elections could experience two main political parties of Britain escalating pressure for moving away from the middle ground to support even middle ground for supporting extremely positions on Brexit.

In the race for replacing, Uk Prime Minister, Theresa May who declared to step down from the post of British Prime Minister, the issue of whether to come back a once incredible “no-deal” Brexit such as Farage does is now dominant. At least eight Conservative members of Parliament have announced publicly that they will take part for competing for the job.

A Conservative Party lawmaker, Boris Johnson and the front-runner for becoming the next prime minister, called the European elections a “crushing rebuke”. Posting in his weekly column in daily, he said “the message from these results is clear. If we go on like this, we will be fired: dismissed from the job of running the country. ”

The Conservative Party came in fifth place, for winning a  pitiful 9 percent of the vote. Their depressing showing could see the party tossing away from pushing for an early general election, over fears that they could see a similar wipeout.

UK Prime Minister posted on Twitter that “ very disappointing” results showed the “importance of finding a Brexit deal, and I sincerely hope these results focus minds in Parliament”.

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