The company has already drained a similar amount in compensation about passenger after the disorder following new timetables. The DFT said: “ Performance after the May timetable change was unacceptable.

MPs also said that Transport Secretary Chris Grayling should have been more enterprising in hindering the problems. In a devastating report on the timetable changes, the Transport Committee said, “genuine change ” was required to reimpose trust in the railways.

Although Mr Grayling had not been entirely informed, this could not release him of all responsibility according to the MPs.

They said it was remarkable that no-one took accuse of the situation according to them.

Mr Grayling confessed faults had been made, telling, “I accept responsibility for myself and my department not asking tough enough questions”.

He added, “At no point did I get the information that I would have needed to intervene”.

The DFT marked not to rob GTR – which is 65% possessed by the transport company of the UK Go-Ahead- of the franchise, because it said that would “cause further and undue disruption for passengers, and is not an appropriate course of action”.

But its approval on the company means it will make a minimized profit for the rest of its time in accusation.

The DFT said it would carry on to record the performance of GTR, “particularly during the upcoming December timetable change. These measures do not make GTR immune from further sanctions in the event of any subsequent failure to perform”.

In the middle of May, passengers experience delays and cancellations after the largest timetable change in a generation.

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