Green Bus Resists Pollution While it Moves

The Go-Ahead Group which is considered as the largest bus and rail operator of the United Kingdom has launched a green bus along with the air purifying methodology which makes it different than the normal busses while it moves.

Pall Aerospace has manufactured the filter which is attached along with Bluestar Bus. According to the manufacturer, the filter will be able to remove the ultrafine particles from the air and confines them while the bus moves through the streets.

The official statement by Go-Ahead has informed that as a part of a pilot project, the bus shuttles in the streets of Southampton.

The Chief Executive of the operator, David Brown said, “we want this pilot to show that busses should be looked at as not just the solution to congestion in cities, but also as a solution to the air quality problem”.

He elaborated, “as the bus removes the ultrafine particles from the air as it travels along the route, it is helping solve the air quality problems of the city. This bus will clean the air on its route, it is helping to solve the air quality problems of the city. The bus will clean the air on its route 1.7 times a year to a height of 10 meters – imagine the change we could make to air quality if all busses had this technology”.

The marketing director of Pall Aerospace, Steve Simpson defined that one filter works at an efficiency of 99.5% which will bring a significant difference in the environment. According to him, “ one filter working at the efficiency of 99.5% will clean the equivalent of 20 million cubic meters of air in one year”.

Simpson also claimed, “ so that is the same as saying that on a typical route, working a 10-meter radius, the bus will clean the air within that tunnel 16 times a year”.

He additionally stated, “If you factor that over a larger number of buses then you can start to see that it will make a difference”.

by Haimantee Ghosh on November 1, 2018

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