The concerned wife of the British academic Matthew Hedges who has been imprisoned by a UAE court being accused by espionage claimed by Emirati authorities has been pleaded to the Saudi authorities to consider the life-sentence of her husband and to make him free.

According to the Gulf State  Matthew Hedges had been handled moderately but also that it needed an “ amicable solution” on the case, which has been distressed the diplomatic relations between both countries which are old allies for a long time.

The move of punishing 31 years aged Hedges by the Saudi Authorities based on the spying accusation hugely disappointed the UK Prime Minister Theresa May.

Hedge’s wife Daniel Tejada said, “ Matt is innocent”. She added, “ Handing a life sentence to an innocent researcher who held the UAE in high regard speaks volumes about their lack of tolerance and respect for human life. They must review their sentence and release my husband, who has already had more than six months taken away from us”.

The Saudi ministry refused that Hedges had not been allowed to get translators during the interrogation, saying, “ it is not true that he was asked to sign documents he did not understand.”

The media report said, “ The UAE is determined to protect its important strategic relationship with a key ally. Officials from both countries have discussed the matter regularly over recent months. Both sides hope to find an amicable solution to the Matthew Hedges case.”

The PhD student of Durham University has been captured at the International Airport of Dubai during his two-week long research tour.

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