Foreign nationals, who live in foreign lands will be allowed to join the armed forces of the United Kingdom as the British residency required for services, which are set to be argued.

The Defence Minister will eliminate the requirement for Commonwealth citizens to have been lived in the country for more than 5-years before applying for the post, today announced the ministry.

The Defence Ministry likely to recruit over 1350 personnel as extra from foreign land every year to the Army, Navy and Air Force.

It was decided as the armed forces struggle to recruit required servicemen and women and fill a shortfall in the ranks.

A National Audit Office in April has reported that the full-time military was run at 5.7 % shortfall.

Further consists of 2400 engineers and 8200 regulars, which are required to fill the “largest gap in a decade”, added the report, while pilots and intelligence were also in high demand.

Applicants for armed forces in the UK from the countries including Australia, India, Fiji, and Canada considered for all post in the forces, without living in the United Kingdom.

From the first half of the forthcoming year, the army will commence the admission and RAF and Navy will start the process at the earliest.

Other than the applicants from Nepalese Gurkhas and Republic of Ireland, who can be enrolled under special arrangements, those from outside the Commonwealth will need British citizenship to apply for the post.

In January, the armed forces have introduced a recruitment advertising campaign that amounted to £1.6 million. The advertisement amid to encourage a greater number of people from different genders, backgrounds, faiths, and sexualities to join up the services of the UK.

However, it has been criticized for failure in the target to those who were eager to join the forces immediately.

Former Commander of British Forces in Afghanistan, Colonel Richard Kemp said that the main group of people considers to sign-up are more tensed about “how they are going to face combat.”

Commander Kemp continued that “this also reflects the fact that the army, like the rest of government, is being forced down a route of political correctness.”

“What is most important is that the army recruits and is full of soldiers,” added Mr. kemp saying, “it’s of secondary importance that they reflect the composition of society.”


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