For Replacing UK Prime Minister, Pak Originated UK Minister Is In The List - TNBC UK

UK interior minister Sajid Javid became the 9th candidate for entering the race to replace UK Prime Minister Theresa May as premier, pledging to “ deliver Brexit” after repeated detainment.

Citing to the thrashing Theresa May’s Conservatives accepted in European Parliament elections, Javid informed the new party leader had to restore the trust of the voters. Through a video message, posted on Twitter, Javid told, “as last night’s results made all too clear, we must get on and deliver Brexit to make sure there is renewed trust in our democracy ”.

Javid ‘s father relocated from Pakistan and worked as a bus driver, said, “ we must bridge divides to heal communities, reminding us of our shared values as the United Kingdom”.

Javid did not join multiple other leadership expectations claiming that he would withdraw  Britain from the EU or without a deal while the new deadline reaches on 31st October.

Conservative Party leadership frontrunners, along with former foreign minister Boris Johnson, have said they were ready for so-called “no-deal Brexit”, despite alerts that this may push Britain to the economic uncertainty.

Party of Theresa May is being triggered additionally to the right by the strong European election performance of the Brexit Party of anti-European populist Nigel Farage.

His success manifests anger of the conservative voters at the inability of Theresa May for completing Brexit by its original 28th March deadline, along with her deal with Brussels receiving declination by parliament three times. The Conservative picked up just nine percent of the vote, their worst election result since 1832. The new party of Farage won almost 32 percent and is now demanding a seat at the negotiation table with Brussels.

49 years old Javid, announce his candidacy over social media, as the first candidate. He is inspected as a relative long-shot in a field which is expected to develop further in the days to come.

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