For Breaking Brexit Deadlock Uk Invites Former EU Chief - TNBC UK

According to the reliable sources, the former President of the European Council has been invited by the UK Prime Minister as a prospective “influencer” for breaking the Brexit deadlock. It is reported that Herman Van Rompuy had a formal dinner with the UK Prime Minister’s deputy, Cabinet Office Minister David Lidington in Brussels.

Mr. Van Rompuy, who was European Council President between 2009 and 2014, was highlighted the arriving at the residence of the British ambassador just after 7 pm. Mr. Van Rompuy was invited for attending the dinner because he is considered as an “influencer” with the promising capability for seeking a compromise between the two sides.

Mr. Van Rompuy was at tiller in the European Council throughout the Greek financial crisis, which intimidated the safety of the euro. Greece was ultimately got bail in a compromise deal supervised by Mr. Van Rompuy.

The dinner was the initiative taken by the UK Prime Minister for discussing the alterations to the key supporting block in the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement – the Irish backstop.

The Chief Brexit negotiator of EU, Michel Barnier was also at the residence of the British ambassador at the same time while attending a separate dinner with Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay.

The Chief Brexit negotiator of EU, Michel Barnier told, “ We held constructive talks. It’s clear from our side that we are not going to reopen the withdrawal agreement but we will continue our discussion in the coming days. That is all.”

During dinner, in a statement, Mr. Barclay and Mr. Barnier, a representative told that they conversed  “the next steps” in the withdrawal of UK from the EU and surveyed whether a way through could be found that would be allowable to the UK parliament and to the European Union.

The representative told, “ The meeting was constructive and Mr. Barclay and Mr. Barnier agreed to further talks in the coming days and that their teams would continue to work in the meantime on finding a way forward.”



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