Feared Rabbit Planning for “Highly Emotional” Return - TNBC UK

After the death of the renowned singer Scott Hutchison, Frightened Rabbit is composing for their “highly emotional”  come back to the stage. The body of Hutchison on the banks of the Fifth of Forth after he took his own life in May.

His bandmate and brother Grant said he was “more nervous ” about the performance of this weekend than he had had ever been before.

The appearance of Frightened Rabbit at Glasgow Kelvingrove Bandstand will be part of a charity event to collect money for the social enterprise Social Bite.

The Selkirk band, established by Mr Hutchison and Grant on drums, were acknowledged up to the concert – which is part of a  sleep in the park event in Social Bite to escalate money for deprived people – before the death of Mr Hutchison.

The lasting band members detected this was the right opportunity for their first show without him. They will be attached by special guests in a tribute. The show will also collect funds for a charity of the family of Mr Hutchinson are settling up in his memory.

Grant said: “It seemed like the right thing to do, and like a natural thing to do – to make a positive thing out of something that person was a very tragic event – to be able to help two charities and two causes, and also to play with people that are good friends”.

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