Fault in Traffic Controlling System in Birmingham Airport Halts Flights - TNBC UK

Flights have re-commenced at Birmingham Airport after an air traffic control reproach provisionally suspended services. The technical defect occurred at 18.00 GMT and led to flights being slung from the airport, reported about “high” delays.

A representative for the airport said operations had thanked passengers for their tolerance. Air traffic management firm Eurocontrol claimed the fault was due to unsuccess of the system of an electronic flight plan.

The airport representative added, “Birmingham Airport has now resolved the issue and operations have now resumed. We thank passengers for their patience and apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.”In a statement, Eurocontrol previously said arrivals were “unavailable” and there were “few flights with high delays ”.

People reported having to wait for long hours due to board flights and protested for long delays. Passengers have been guided to check with their airline concerning arrivals and departures. It happens after days of visit misery for passengers at Gatwick Airport, which saw harshly 140,000 passengers affected while a drone was evidently detected around the runway, constraining bosses to ground flights.

The authorities of Birmingham airport declared a major extension plan to develop passengers numbers by 40% over the next 15 years in the last month.

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