The father of UK teenager Shamima Begum, who left London to join ISIS group and married to an ISIS terrorist in Syria, claimed in an interview that Britain should allow her to back before deciding any punishment.

Shamima Begum who gave birth of a child in this month in a refugee camp told that she wants to return home – according to the decision of British government of canceling her citizenship, considering her as a security concern.

The father of 19 years old teenager, Ahmad Ali told that while he had made dreadful mistakes, Britain was determined to let her return. Ali who has been following the distress of Shamima Begum from a remote northwestern village of Bangladesh, told, “The British government should take her back because she is a British citizen ”.

She also told, “ If she has committed any crime, they should bring her back to London, to her country, and punish her there.

The UK teenager left the UK for Syria with two school friends in 2015, while she was just 15, and her case has generated political agitation in Britain. It emphasizes a conflict facing many European countries, divided over whether to permit terrorists and ISIS sympathizers home to confront legal proceedings hindered them as the so-called “ caliphate” crumbles.

Public sentiment bestead against Begum after she presented little guilt about ISIS attacks in media interviews from the camp in eastern Syria, where she reached after escaping combating between the terrorist group and the US-supported forces.

60 years old Ali, said comments he had made to a British Daily claiming he supported the UK interior minister Sajid Javid’s decision to deprive Begum of returning to her country had been “ misinterpreted”.

He told, “I don’t think that (to revoke Begum’s citizenship) was the right thing to do ”. He informed, “ To err is human. You and I can both can make a mistake. It is OK to commit an error, all humans do that. One feels sad if a child commits a mistake”.

Ali who lives in the village of Daorai in Sunamganj with his second wife told he felt sorry for his daughter and hoped she may have been manipulated to join ISIS. He also told, “ It was certainly a mistake to go to IS. Perhaps it was because she was a child. She may not have gone there (Syria) willingly. She may have been ill-advised by other people”.


Two months before Ahmed last saw his daughter in Britain before she escaped to Syria with Kadiza Sultana and Amira Abase in 2015 March.

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