Family of IS Teeneger Challenged Citizenship Move - TNBC UK

The family of Shamima Begum who escaped from the UK for joining the ISIS, the Islamic State Group in Syria, have informed the home secretary that they are ready to challenge the decision of UK government to retract citizenship of UK from Shamima.

In a letter to the UK high authority they say, they “ cannot simply abandon her” and that her status is “ a matter for our British courts”. But they added they were “ sickened by the comments she has made” currently. They also requested to bring her newborn baby to the UK.

After leaving East London in 2015, Ms. Begum was living in a refugee camp in northern Syria and gave birth a son in the last weekend.

According to an interview, she professed that she has no regret about leaving the UK to travel Syria, though she also added, she did not agree with everything that IS group had done with her in the refugee camp.

She informed media that she was shocked by the Manchester Arena Attack in 2017  in which 22 people have been killed by IS but she also cited the military assaults on the IS fortress by the coalition forces, claiming it was “retaliation”

In the letter, written by the sister of Shamima, the family claims, “ We wish to make clear, that along with the rest of the country, we are shocked and appalled at the vile comments she has made to the media in recent days. These are not representative of British values, and my family entirely reject the comments she has made.” The family claimed that they made the extreme effort for stopping Shamima Begum to join Islamic State territory in 2015.


As per the claim of her family, “That year we lost Shamima to a murderous and misogynistic cult. My sister has been in their thrall now for four years, and it is clear to me that her exploitation at their hands has fundamentally damaged her.

The appeal to assist for bringing back the baby of Shamima Begum to the UK will be one of the toughest paragraphs of the letter based on political issue for the Home Secretary Sajid Javid. He told in the House of Commons the children of IS members had not to lose the citizenship of UK. The home secretary told he would not leave an individual who is not recognized as a citizen of any country under international law.

Mr. Javid recommended the child of Shamima can still get British citizenship, despite the removal of the citizenship of Shamima Begum.

A former United Nations judge, Geoffrey Robertson QC told it should be decided by the UK courts to verdict which punishment she should receive for joining a terrorist organization.


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