Facial Recognition Trial in Central London - TNBC UK

Christmas shoppers could have confronts surveyed in the Central London in this week as the part of a police trail. The met informs it will call people for taking part in checking the technology rather than probing people secretly. The trails will be organized nearby Soho, Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square on last two days. Privacy campaigner Big Brother Watch has stated the use of this kind of technology as “ authoritarian, dangerous and lawless”.

In a statement, the group said that “monitoring innocent people in public is a breach of fundamental rights to privacy and freedom of speech and assembly”. The Met said “ clear uniformed” officer would carry out the trails and circulate information leaflets to the public for about eight hours on both days. It included anyone who refused to be checked during the classification would “not be viewed as suspicious ”.

The information of UK watchdog began inspection the utility of facial recognition technology by police forces in November.

Elizabeth Denham, who has decided Information Commissioner in July 2016, said in a blog issued earlier in this year that the technology could bring “ significant public safety benefits”.

However, she said its implementation could also be “particularly intrusive ”, and rendered a “real step change in the way law-abiding people are monitored as they go about their daily lives”.

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