Even After Defeat on Brexit Deal, UK Prime Minister Exists Confidence Vote - TNBC UK

The UK Prime Minister Theresa May existed a no-confidence attribute in the House of Commons on the evening of Wednesday. One day after the humiliation of defeat in a closure party-line vote of 325 to 302  for her Brexit plan endangered her leadership and the departure from the European Union simultaneously. Generally, a British leader who has lost her power in the election in the previous day on the issue of the most important constitutions by her government by the margin of 432 to 202. It was the worst loss of parliament in a century – might be assumed to give resignation.

The particular issue of the Brexit deal is separating the British society and its political opinion, as the sides assign into contending tribes of Leavers and Remainders, neither with sufficient power to best the other. A professor of politics of Liverpool University, Jonathan Tonge said, “ I think it’s astonishing she is carrying on as prime minister”. He added, “Not just because of the size of the defeat, but also because she told us that this was the ‘best and only deal.’ So, by definition, any course she pursues now is an inferior course. ”

Theresa May must back to Parliament for presenting lawmakers with some kind of “Plan B” for thrilling the union of 2 members. Yet the solid dispute over how and if Britain should leave the persistence of the European block.

In Brussels , European critics said that the onus was on the pondering of the British legislators for coming up with an offer which could win a predominance in Westminster, so that there could be a base for continuing discussion between the sides in Brussels was sprinting toward the Brexit scrap edge on 29th March  with no security nets in place.


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