European Union To Delay Brexit Deal Till February 2020, If British Prime Minister Fails To Rectify - TNBC UK

On Monday, a British source has informed that the European Union (EU) will delay the Brexit deal until February 2020, if Prime Minister Boris Johnson didn’t succeed in getting his deal passed in the Parliament this week.

The delay would be “fungible”, which indicated that the UK could leave earlier, on November 1 or November 15, December or January, if his deal is approved before the extension ends, reported local source, citing diplomatic sources. 

No decision will be taken until the Government of the European Union get the chance to assess the chances of the withdrawal treaty getting through the Parliament ahead of this week, said the source. 

On Sunday, the European Union officials and diplomats have told Reuters that depending on the next improvements in London, extension options will range from just an added month until the end of November to half a year or more. 

Earlier, the EU diplomats had said that the coalition will play for time rather than hurry to decided on PM Johnson’s unwilling request to delay once again the Brexit Deal. During a rare meeting of ambassadors of the 27 states that will make up the European Union after Brexit, the EU diplomats have decided to forward the British Prime Minister’s deal to the European Parliament for its necessary permission. The EU Chamber is sitting next week in Strasbourg. 

The EU diplomat was quoted saying, “We’re looking for more clarity towards the end of the week, hoping that by that time we will also see how things develop in London.”

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