The media has obtained individual access to people involved in this scathing trade, from companies to drugs ass. Our investigation reveals how this trading is supplying to the rise in knife crime across the UK. We began out in a “trap house” in North London. This is where drugs are formulated , taken and sold.

Here, a drug company flourishing a Rambo knife overstated that the weapon was , “ just something I give to the kids who go out for me”.

Along with drugs and money scattered across the table , his partner explained : “There’s always problems with other dealers – so you’ve got to sort out your problem.You give the kids a weapon. They go up there and they do it. Once you’ve sorted out one or two problems, they tend not to come to you.”

As we interrogated them , the two distributors  sold crack cocaine to a addict of 42 years old – Mark Page.One of the dealers gave a comprehensive account of how gangs targeting the more  rural markets within the capital.

He said, “Most of our business is outside of London. Me and my buddy go somewhere and find a crackhead. I’ll give them some rock (crack cocaine) for their numbers, their friends.Once an area is established, I’ll get the kids to go out there for me.”

The children are paid up to £300 or £400 in a week and age between 12 and 16. One dealer said, “ The younger the better.They need money, mummy and daddy ain’t got no money. So they come to uncle”.

He offers an induction week for his appoints, which he named “boot camp”.

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