Doctors Saved Hand Of A 25-Year-Old Man, Injured At A Carjacking - TNBC UK

A surgeons have saved the life and hand of a 25-year-old man after it was injured during a carjacking.

On Sunday, the victim was attacked by a group of men on East Bawtry Road in Rotherham, Whiston at 22:50 BST.

He had been driving a Mercedes of the color while when he was pulled over near Lease Gate Road and attacked by the convicted group with a “metal weapon”.

South Yorkshire Police reports that he had undergone surgery at Northern General Hospital in Sheffield.

The force claims that the attackers have escaped in the Mercedes of the victim after getting out of a dark-colored vehicle.

Police Department are reviewing the CCTV footage and appealing for anyone with the information.

More details are awaited.

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