The disappearance case of a missing mother of five has been treated like a murder case. Sarah Wellgreen of 46, who was last seen in the Bazes Shaw area at New Ash Green in Kent, on 9th October. It is known from the enquiry that she left her car in her home address and any kind of new transaction have not dealt through her bank account and credit cards.

According to Det Supt Paul Fotheringham, she had “disappeared without a trace”. A man of 30 years old has been arrested and get freed on bail along with further pending enquiries.

In the surrounding rural areas of New Ash Green, hundreds of villagers have supported the police in the searching for Ms Wellgreen.

As per the opinion of Det Supt Fotheringham, her disappearance was  “entirely out of character” and also being treated “as a potential murder”.

He added, “The only item missing from the home is her black iPhone 4”.

The forensic scientists and experts have been working on the case for detailed investigation along with specialist technology for finding Ms Wellgreen.

In the rural area surrounding New Ash Green and in the border area of A2 M25, Horton Kirby, Meopham, Cobham, the businesses, landowners and residents have been pleaded for checking their sheds, areas of rough ground and outbuildings or woodland for getting any trace of her.

Det Supt Fotheringham also appealed that if anyone gets any trace of anything suspicious in the New Ash Green area, they should contact the police promptly.

He said, “we are particularly interested to hear from anyone with fixed CCTV cameras within a five-mile radius of New Ash Green, whether this is residential or commercial CCTV to come forward”.

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