Demand Of New Brexit Vote Raised In London As A Form Of Protest - TNBC UK

Hundreds of thousands of opposers drenched London claiming another polling on EU membership amid political deadness over Brexit, in one of the largest protests of the country in decades. Organizers told about a million people conflicted to Britain leaving the European Union appended what they initiated the “Put it to the People” march, dropping on the capital by road and rail across the country.

Twirling an array of anti-Brexit approvals and EU flags, they first assembled at Hyde Park before walking around the two-mile route to Westminster – cheering, whistling and chanting.

Protester Emma Sword told the renowned daily about the recent political twirl, “it is terrible.”

She said, “We need to revoke Article 50 and if we can’t do that, then we need the people’s vote, ” citing to the EU legal contrivance, Britain instanced for Brexit.

At the endpoint of the March, the outside parliament, speakers including the First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, London Mayor Sadiq Khan and opposition Labour deputy leader Tom Watson resembled the crowds through the afternoon.

Khan told, “ We’ve seen how the government has ignored our warnings time and time again”. He added, “It’s time to say loud and clear: enough is enough.

A host of other political figures also united with the demonstration, including Independent Group MPs who quit two mainstream parties of Britain – the Conservatives and Labour – earlier this year as the protest at their Brexit policies.

One of the breakaways legislators Anna Soubry told, “ This cause is actually bigger than any political party, it is bigger than any tribalism, and it is what unites us.” A majority of MPs polled against gripping another poll on the issue earlier this month, and it remains a venture tender by remainders.

But with the protest raised just days after EU leaders approved a detainment to Brexit, people are promptly hopeful they could still force a public vote. The leader of the Liberal Democrats Vince Cable, who directed the march, said, “ The message is clear: stop Brexit”.

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