In Southern Scotland, a service has happened to remember the victims of the Lockerbie bombing 30 years on. Crown was laid at a memorial garden in the town to respect the 270 people murdered while Pan Am Flight 103 was roared up on 21st December in 1988.

A message from the Queen pointing the “solemn anniversary” was also fulfilled at the memorial. Eleven people in Lockerbie died along with crew on board the plane and 259 passengers started for New York.

It was the largest mass murder on British soil in the current History. The majority of those on board the plane which fell on the town in South-West Scotland were American. Services will also be organized later at Syracuse University, Arlington National Cemetery and FBI headquarters in Washington DC. The Lockerbie crown-laying saw victims relatives join members of the community who aided the consequences of the outrage.

The Lord Lieutenant for Dumfriesshire Fiona Armstrong disclosed a message from the Queen and pay homage to the “remarkable community” in the town.

The Queen said, “Please convey my warm thanks to the people of Dumfriesshire for their kind message, sent on the occasion of their Remembrance service to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Lockerbie bombing, which is being held today ”.

The moderator of the presbytery of Annandale and Eskdale Jeff Brown conducted the ceremony and said, “ I send my prayers and good wishes to all those who will be marking this solemn anniversary”.

He said, “We remember loved ones taken in a senseless act of violence, we remember lives, families and communities torn and broken. ”

“We stand together in the silence and peace of this place in our act of remembrance to keep faith with them.”

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