Council House Will Make Proud People for Their Council House - TNBC UK

The Prime Minister declared 2bn pound to construct the new homes in England, in the scheme to wash out the social housing “stigma”. Under the plan, housing construction associations, additional organizations and bar council will be able to tender for the money to expense on new projects beginning from 2022. Labour said, actually the declaration fell “far short” of what was needed for the social housing sector.

The Home Editor of BBC Mark Easton told the government expects the money will allocate local supremacy and housing associations to build projects that would otherwise seem too fulfilled with risk factors.

He told the sectors declares to provide more conviction about the future expenses – so that 300,000 extra homes mandatory in England annually to be built- had presented to have been enlisted.

In the National Housing  Federation Summit in London Mrs May told, “Some residents feel marginalised and overlooked, and are ashamed to share the fact that their home belongs to a housing association or local authority. On the outside, many people in society – including too many politicians -continue to look down on social housing and, by extension, the people who call it their home.”

She will motivate housing construction association to change how tenants and society can tie up through social housing, “ I want to see social housing that is so good people are proud to call it their home….our friends and neighbours who live in social housing are not second-rate citizens.”

She added, “We should never see social housing as something that need simply be ‘good enough’ not think that the people who live in it should be grateful for their safety net and expect no better.”

About the overall development, she told it should be quite uncertain to execute the difference between high price and reasonable housing, which should not be “tucked away out of sight and out of mind.”

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