The deadliest coronavirus outbreak is spreading rapidly that has created concern globally. The death toll in China has exceeded 1000 after 108 people died from the virus on Monday. The UK has also recorded a few confirmed cases, but the fear escalated as the number of coronavirus cases in the UK doubled within 24 hours.

The latest cases take the total number of infections from four to eight. Out of the four new confirmed cases, two are GPs who were contracted the illness from a “superspreader” during a skiing trip in the French Alps. They were transferred from Brighton to London over the weekend to receive specialist care. Presently, the total cases in England to eight.

One of the latest groups to be diagnosed is a male doctor who was part of a group skiing in a resort near Chamonix in France with the man at the centre of the Brighton outbreak. The other three patients were also infected on the same skiing trip.

A quarantined British patient threatening from coronavirus facilities has forced the Health Secretary to tighten quarantine rules. The UK government has considered the coronavirus outbreak a severe and imminent threat to public health. 

The health secretary, Matt Hancock said on Monday, “The transmission of coronavirus would constitute a serious threat, so I am taking action to protect the public and isolate those at risk of spreading the virus. Clinical advice has not changed about the risk to the public, which remains moderate.”

The outbreak first appeared in the central city of Wuhan. On Tuesday, the National Health Commission said the total number of deaths on the mainland of China was 1,016. Apart from China, at least 25 countries have confirmed cases, and several states have taken the effort to evacuate their citizens from Hubei.

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