Due to the unnatural climate change, the ratio of rising seas can be a crucial challenge for the coastal community of England.According to the prediction of the advisors of government the rising level of the sea will be at least 1m certainly at some point in the future.

The Committee on Climate Change has given a serious warning which indicates a crucial natural happening of the huge rise in the coming 80 years which will affect the lifetime of the children of today.

The representative of the government assures that the effective steps should be taken for keeping protected the public from the devastating impact of the global climate change. But the committee also expressed their hopeless concern about the current management plans of the shoreline which are unfunded.

Chris Stark, the Chief executive of the Committee on Climate Change told to BBC News: “People know sea level is going to rise – but they have not grasped how bad this could be for them”. Julia King, the colleague Professor of the Chief Executive of the CCC also added: ”We have got to wake up to the fact that we have got some very difficult challenges ahead”.

“We need local councils to have some honest discussions with people to help them prepare for the difficult choices they will face”.

According to the deep research and survey of the report, as the populations of the coastal area are indigent and older than the average UK, the coastal communities are severely impotent. The report also defined the matter of landslides on the coast. It attracts the attention of the officials of the committee towards the 100,000 cliff-top kinds of stuff which could be at the trap of crucial risk due to the coastal landslide. But, the people of that area have no accurate idea about the growing danger and there is no insurance or compensation plan for the victims who can lose their homes.

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