A wife of  British Sailor was going missing and reported by her own husband, but the British Sailor was pleaded guilty to her manslaughter. In 2017, the US authorities have originally charged Lewis Bennett from Poole in Dorset with the murder of Isabella Hellmann. The body of her never been found. To unlawful killing without malice, the charges were downgraded at a hearing in Miami, Florida, to which the 41-year-old Bennet pleaded guilty. The Sailor faces eight years in prison when he is sentenced next year.

Three months ago the couple has married and had been sailing around the Caribbean in the spring of 2017, before heading back to the home they shared in Delray Beach, Florida.

When he was woken by a loud noise Bennett claimed that he had been resting in their boast cabin on 15 May 2017, when he was woken by a loud noise. He mentioned that when he went on deck he found the sails and rigging loose and his wife nowhere to be found.

As per the court, the British Sailor did not try to find for her wife, activate emergency equipment, or raise the alarm.

Hence, Prosecutors said that it was not until 45 minutes later that he reported Isabella missing, and only after he had scuttled the catamaran and boarded a life raft.  

During the responding to Bennett’s guilty plea US attorney Fajardo Orshan has said that “ Although nothing can ever erase the pain and suffering caused by Lewis Bennett’s criminal acts, the US Attorney’s Office and our law enforcement partners hope that the defendant’s admission of guilt is a step toward justice for the victim, Ms. Isabella Hellmann, and her family.

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