British Radio DJ Gavin Ford ‘Killed’ in Lebanon - TNBC UK

According to the reports, a British radio DJ who was an anchor of a popular breakfast show in Lebanon has been killed. In the east of Beirut Gavin Ford’s body was discovered at his home. The 53-year-old colleagues elevated the alarm after he did not reach for work and according to his Facebook account it was his birthday.

The Lebanese newspaper Annahar told Ford had been throttled and was discovered handcuffed, while the scratches on his body recommended he had been stoked by a razor-edged object. He was throttled and hit on the head according to LBC TV.

An official record of media report certified Ford had been throttled. Neither Ford’s station Lebanon’s Radio One nor the police gave any comment on the reason for his death, but security services are not reigning a criminal investigation, according to the national news agency of the country.

Lebanon’s station, Radio One which he joined in 1996 said it was “heartbroken to announce the passing of our dear Gavin Ford, who had been a “member of our team for many joyful years.”

It included on its Facebook page: “We extend our deepest sympathies to his family, friends and colleagues all over the world. Rest in peace Gavin”.

The affected listeners posted lots of comments after hearing the news. Vanig Bostanian said, “It feels like I lost someone close to me, despite having never seen him ”.

Dana Alaywan wrote: “ For more than 20 years, Gavin has been making me smile on the way to school, to university, and to work. My mornings will never be the same without him.”

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