The United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson has agreed to meet the families of those ill-treated by Vanessa George, who is a paedophile nursery worker.  

The 49-year-old Vanessa George was released last week from prison after serving 10-years for torturing toddlers in Plymouth, Devon. 

Labour MP Luke Pollard had campaigned against his release has questioned the Prime Minister during yesterday’s heated Session of Commons. 

Earlier, Mr. Pollard has accused the parole system of failing to “value the voice of victims”.

Like Pollard, Plymouth MP, Sutton, and Devonport have said that Ms. George had been released “while Parliament was illegally shut down”. 

He continued, “Could the Prime Minister give one good thing and agree to meet the families of the victims of Vanessa George so we can prevent that ever happening again and keep people like Vanessa George behind bars?”

PM Johnson replied that he was aware of campaigns from Mr. Polland over the issue and would “certainly undertake to meet the families”. 

Ms. George was jailed for a minimum of seven years in 2009.

She took pictures of herself abusing children in childcare at Little Ted’s Nursery and posted indecent images over social media. 

A parole board informed that she no longer posed a “significant risk” to the public. 

She is presently under strict license conditions and has been restricted from entering Devon and Cornwall.

On Wednesday, MPs have reconvened after the top court has ordered PM Johnson’s suspension of the Parliament has been “illegal”. 

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