British-Pakistani Couple Detained For Smuggling 25 Kg Heroin To United Kingdom - TNBC UK

On Monday, a British couple of Pakistani origin has been detained at Sailkot Airport, while they were attempting to smuggle over 25 kilograms of heroin amount Rs. 380 million to the United Kingdom, report source. 

26-year-old Mohammed Tahir Ayaz with his wife Ikra Hussain (20) of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, could also face the death penalty for such attempts to smuggle heroin to the United Kingdom via Dubai. 

The couple was stopped at Sailkot Airport by the Airport Security Force, who after searches have recovered 25 kilograms of heroin from their packed luggage. 

The drug haul, mostly hidden inside her clothing, got hold during the process of scanning, it added. 

The cost of the seized heroin is claimed to be amount Rs. 380 million in the international market. 

The couple were set to board Emirates Airline flight, but have been handed over to the Anti-Narcotics Force for additional investigation into the matter. 

Pakistan also has very strict laws on drug smuggling, including life behind bars or the death penalty. 

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