British Paedophile Douglas Slade Sued Alleged by Filipino victims - TNBC UK

The British convicted who is also a paedophile is charged for assaulting by five young people who accused him claiming that he sexually exploited him overseas and it is thought that this kind of case is first time happening.

The five people also showed the evidence to the High court through the video link about the molestation, they had to suffer when Douglas Slade was living in the Philippines.

Slade commented that the claims are a “total fabrication” against him.

Slade was imprisoned for 24 years in a case of sexual abusing of five boys in the UK. The judge scolded Slade, in this case, commenting that Slade has been shipped to the UK before but still he was totally unrepented over the offences committed by him between 1965 to 1980.

Slade was a generator member of the Paedophile Information Exchange and was arranged so many campaigns for declaring legal the sex between paedophiles and the children in the 1970s and 1980s.

This case beginning at London and it is considered to be the first time allegation from the foreign victims on a sensible matter of sexual abuse and this case consequently suited a legal charge against a British national in the UK.

After moving to the Philippines, in 1985. He bought a house in a poor neighbourhood. The neighbours complained that after tempting the children into his home, he abused them sexually.

He stayed for 30 years in the country but in spite of several investigations, nothing was successfully litigated there.

Along with a teenage boy, the four young men at the centre are suing a new case against Slade, for “ personal injuries arising out of sexual abuse ” and also showcased evidence from Manilla. The youngest was only ten when the abusement was started with her.

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