The Brexit negotiator of the UK Prime Minister, Olly Robbins, told her the backstop arrangement in Irish border within her contract with the EU presents a “bad outcome” for the UK, it has raised.

In the letter to Theresa May, as seen in the Daily Telegraph, Olly Robbins alerted the backstop-targeted at confronting a hard border on the island of Ireland – would signify the establishment of routine checking between Ireland and the rest of the UK.

The chief advisor of UK Prime Minister  said on Brexit deal: “ We should not forget that the backstop world, even with a UK-EU customs union, is a bad outcome with regulatory controls needed somewhere between GB and NI, serious and visible frictions and process between GB and the EU, and no security co-operation provided for.”

Earlier in this year, the top civil servant who took responsibility for negotiations with Brussels earlier this year is also presented to have utilized the 19th October letter to say, Mrs May, there is no lawful “guarantee” that the UK will be able to flee the backstop arrangement if it comes to force.

Mrs May expects the UK will approve a business deal with the EU before the end of the Brexit transformation period in 2020 December in order to avoid dropping into the backstop, or even lengthen the transition period if the bargains on the future UK-EU affair trail on beyond that date.

Former Brexit Minister and Tory MP said: “ At this crucial moment in the Brexit process, it is essential that Parliament should be as fully informed as possible on the legal issues surrounding the deal.

“These include, among others, the role of the European Court of Justice, the justiciability of the ‘best endeavours’ provision and whether it is possible to withdraw from the backstop without the consent of the EU.”

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