On Thursday, the European Union’s Chief Brexit Negotiator Michel Barnier has beaten the last-minute deal hits with the United Kingdom ahead of a showdown summit as a responsible agreement that protects the interests of Europeans. 

Mr. Barnier told sources that “we have reached an agreement that is ‘fair and reasonable’ and corresponds to our principles.” He further urges the caution as the Brexit deal must still pass through the UK Parliament that has declined a deal three times earlier. 

While speaking at a press release in Brussels, the EU Chief has said that Brexit deal has been a “school of patience” and hopes that from November 1, the European Union can start working on a new partnership with Britain. 

Mr. Barnier continued that the UK Government wanted to re-open the question of the protocol on Northern Ireland and Ireland, and the European Union was fully dedicated to “project peace” to ensure stability on the Island of Ireland. 

“When discussing Northern Ireland, we discuss the economy, technical matters, and goods but for me since day one three years ago what really matters is people. The people of Northern Ireland and Ireland. What really matters is peace,” he added. 

Michel Barnier has said that it included a legally-binding solution to avoid a hard border, to protect the integrity and preserve the whole-island economy of the single market. 

He continued, “It was extremely important to Prime Minister Johnson that the whole of Northern Ireland remains in the UK customs territory.”

Mr. Barnier further had discussions “have been difficult over the last few days,” but we have “delivered, and delivered together.”

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