Boris Johnson has smashed the record for the most money raised by a British politician in his bid to become prime minister. He was also supported by the eurosceptic financiers after hardening his Brexit stance with a “do or die” pledge.

More than 50% of the donations to Johnson’s campaign came from financiers and businessmen who funded the campaign to leave the European Union. During the last two weeks, Johnson has registered 200,000 pounds ($248,400) in donations which raised the total amount in the last year to 702,000 pounds, revealed a data by parliament on Wednesday.

The fundraising record set by the former foreign minister David Miliband worth 627,000 pounds for his bid to lead the Labour Party in 2010, was beaten by Johnson. He looks calm for a landslide victory when votes are announced in the Conservative Party leadership contest next week. It will decide the next prime minister by default.

Theresa May, the present Prime Minister was compelled to step down because she failed to unite the nation behind her plan to leave the EU on schedule in March. Johnson’s promise to leave the EU “do or die”- with or without a deal – on October 31 is likely to intensify the three-year Brexit crisis by setting him on a collision course with the bloc’s 27 other leaders and his own parliament.

The Conservative supporters have become frustrated by the government’s failure to leave the EU so long after the 2016 referendum. Johnson received 100,000 pounds from Jonathan Moynihan in the last two weeks. Jonathan Moynihan headed the official Vote Leave finance committee and is the chairman of the technology-based venture capital fund, Ipex Capital.

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