The former foreign secretary had quitted over Chequers Brexit plan by Theresa May saying the strategy, “a moral and intellectual humiliation”.

According to him his insight would not whip to a hard Irish border, along with the checks take out away from the crossing. The PM explains only her plan can avoid engraving the UK.

Dominic Grieve, the former attorney general who makes return a new ballot on Brexit commented in Evening Standard if PM finally opted for it, up to 40 Tory MPS would be prepared for voting to protest against the Canada-style deal.

The deputy political editor of BBC, John Pienaar told in the article by Mr Johnson, published before two days on the beginning of the  Conservative Party conference with a reminder that the plan of PM had very little support among the party for which this would not be an easy week for her in Birmingham.

The United Kingdom for leaving the EU in 2019, on 29 March, both sides are interested to bargain the terms of the exit, as well as to discuss a draft of the agreement on the basis of prospective co-operation. Parliament is seeing to vote on any case of withdrawal deal.  

In the article of Telegraph the issue is entitled as “ a better plan for Brexit”, Mr Johnson defined there had been a “ collective failure of government, and a collapse of will by the British establishment, to deliver on the mandate of the people.”

The consequent rules can be applied after the Brexit issue , that is the materials imported from Canada into the EU market have to confront various checks -for making sure the customized regulations are fulfilled exactly, to justify the standards of the product also or payments of VAT and to ensure the security of imported foods and animals.


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Plan To Block No Deal ‘Could Involve Queen’, Brexit

Plan To Block No Deal ‘Could Involve Queen’, Brexit

by Susmita July 19, 2019
Sources said, senior Tories, seeking to block a no-deal Brexit, are investigating a radical plan involving Queen. The top officials in the rebel group are worried over the fact that the next prime minister could ignore the will of parliament that they have discussed a scheme to ask the Queen to intervene. Amid the inflamed atmosphere at Westminster, these Conservatives are thinking of holding a vote on a parliamentary device...