British Prime Minister Boris Johnson intended to ask the UK Parliament to remain suspended from October 8 to 14, informed the Downing Street Office on Wednesday, after his previous attempt was ruled illegal. 

“These timings would mean Parliament is prorogued for the shortest time possible to enable all the necessary logistical preparations” for Queen Elizabeth II to outline the British Government’s new legislative program, it said.

Earlier, PM Johnson has advised the monarch to suspend the Parliament from September 10 to October 14, nearly for a month or more.

Pro-European lawmakers were offended and considered the move as an attempt to withhold democratic debate on Britain’s pending exit from the European Union on October 31.

Following legal challenges in Scotland and England, the Supreme Court judged the Prime Minister’s advice to the monarch was illegal, and count the lengthy prorogation frustrated by constitutional functions for the UK Parliament. 

Britain’s top court has reversed the prorogation, and the Parliament resumed on September 25. 

This move would mean that the Parliament is suspended after the business closes on October 1 and then miss just two sitting days, on October 9 and October 10. 

Boris Johnson took office in July as the Prime Minister of Britain, requires a new suspension if he is to outline his legislative program for the next session of the Parliament.

PM Johnson said, “I want to deliver on the people’s priorities.”

He continued, “Through a Queen’s Speech, the government will set out its plans for the NHS (National Health Service), schools, tackling crime, investing in infrastructure and building a strong economy.”

“We will get Brexit done on October 31 and continue delivering on these vital issues,” added PM Johnson. 

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