Brave victim of Birmingham grooming gangs tells how she was raped and abused by 70 men - TNBC UK

A Birmingham victim of grooming gangs has revealed how she was raped and abused by more than 70 men – but only two were ever brought to justice.

Kate Elysia tells in a harrowing new book titled No Way Out how she considered suicide after first being targeted by the sex attackers while an 18-year-old student.

What followed was years of abuse from men in Birmingham and the West Midlands, abuse which left her addicted to drugs and suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

But she eventually managed to escape the psychological hold the gangs had on her and helped the police with Operation Chalice, a groundbreaking investigation into Asian grooming gangs.

The phenomenon of grooming by gangs has been investigated in Rochdale, Rotherham and, most recently, Telford.

Leaders of the Asian communities in each of the towns, and in Birmingham, have strongly condemned those responsible.

Two of Kate’s attackers were jailed for rape – but most are still walking the streets despite police investigations.

“They degraded me to the point where I’d become this sex thing, this thing that wasn’t human, but just an object,” she says.

“To the point where I believed that’s what I was.”

Detailing why she decided to go public about her ordeal, she adds: “There is a lot in the media about under-age girls being trafficked, and rightly so.

“But there is not so much about girls who are over the age of consent, or who are 18 and considered to be adults.

“I was 18 the first time I was raped. I was 18 when I was serially gang-raped. I was 18 when I was trafficked all over England and given to many men, sometimes as many as ten in one night.

“Some, like me, are survivors. For others, there’s little hope and they end up as prostitutes, addicted to drugs. I was lucky.”

Coming from a happy family background, Kate moved away from home at the age of 18 and into sheltered accommodation in a Midlands town.

Unbeknown to her, the area she was living in was within walking distance of the home of Shayyir Ali and his psychotic cousin, Farooq.

They quickly spotted the young new neighbor and a menacing series of conversations and confrontations between them culminated in her being attacked.

Kate tells in the book how she was first raped days before taking her A Levels after recently released criminal Farooq barged his way into her flat and ordered her male friend out.

“He says he wants to see me naked and I tell him that I don’t want him to,” she recalls.

“He’s strong, a lot stronger than me. He manages to pull my dress off and I’m standing there in my girl boxers and bra.

“He starts to take off his own clothes and I freeze, like a frightened rabbit. I know I should try and get past him, get to the door. Get out! But I don’t. It’s like I’m paralyzed and I can’t move.

“He grabs me again and I pull away to back away but he pushes me towards the bed. I want to fight him but I can’t because I’m scared that he will hurt me if I do.”

After brutally raping her, sadistic thug Farooq threatened her – to stop her going to the police. Scared and in shock, the young student hid away in her flat over the coming days, leaving only briefly to take her A Levels.

But her nightmare returned when Shayyir Ali and another man also forced their way into her flat, where they both sexually abused her.


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