An accused paedophile has confessed in a court how he assaulted a child to “belittle and shame” her after a revelation of murdering of two nine-year-old girls.   Fifty-two years old Russell Bishop is pushed for the second trial for killing Karen Hadaway and Nicola Fellows following the latest forensic evidence.

The victim girls were sexually molested and throttled in a den in the Wild Park, in Brighton in October of 1986. But the Old Bailey listened how within three years he was accused of kidnapping and sexual molestation and trying to kill a seven-year-old at Devils Dyke on the South Downs.

Bishop informed the jury he was “deeply ashamed ” of what he had done in 1990 despite failed attempting to urge against his accusation. He urged he was not a paedophile but was just “bloody angry” at a detested campaign against him and thought “I might as well do it”.

The prosecutor  Brian Altman Qc asked him: “ This was all about revenge”?

He responded “partly” avoiding the offence was about sexual indulgence or relishing control over children.

Bishop said he molested the girl to “ belittle and shame her because I was bloody angry at everyone – at her and everyone who had done that to me”.

He said it “ could have been anyone” while the prosecution told him why he besieged another young girl.

Bishop continued, “Through the psychological trauma of the hate campaign and what everyone else was saying it came out in that behaviour ”. Mr Altman discharged the account of Bishop as “rubbish” and “all lies”.

He said, “You attacked that young girl because you had a sexual interest in children. It had nothing to do with three years of hate but everything to do with Russell Bishop and your character, didn’t it”.

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